Spectrum Efficient 64QAM Links

The E-Link Eagle is an all outdoor, IP, millimeterwave radio operating in the 71-86 GHz frequency band using only 250 MHz of bandwidth conserving valuable spectrum resources.  The radio is available in both long and extended long range configurations and includes a carrier grade L2 Ethernet switch.

The E-Link Eagle provides the operator a “future-proof” hardware solution for the exponentially increasing data backhaul requirements faced by network operators.  The E-Link Eagle can initially be configured for 1000Mbps operation and expanded to either 2000 or 3000Mbps by a simple license upgrade reducing costly network equipment replacement.

Features & Performance

  • Spectrum Efficient using 64QAM in 250 MHz wide channel
  • Full Duplex providing 1000Mbps upstream and downstream
  • Hitless Adaptive Rate and Modulation
  • Adaptive Modulation QPSK/8PSK/16/32/64QAM
  • Link distances up to 5 miles/8 km at 99.995% availability
  • Internal Carrier Grade L2 switch
  • SyncE and IEEE1588v2 compliant
  • Power over Ethernet


  • 4G/LTE/WiMAX macro-cell backhaul for accesss and aggregation
  • “Last Mile” fiber extension for enterprises
  • Temporary high capacity links for disaster recovery
  • LAN/WAN extensions for private/enterprise networks

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